Monday, August 07, 2006

Sox vs Jays

After a drought of not going to any baseball games, I finally ended my drought last Sunday, by going to a Jays game as they hosted the Sox. I wanted to take a lot of pics but sadly my camera died when I arrived at the stadium. I guess charging batteries for 15 minutres doesn't work.

My mind was more focused on snagging balls, which happens to be my new past time as soon as I found a cool blog by the "baseball collector" I've snagged a ball in the last 7 games I've been to and at least 3 in the last 2. Going into todays game I knew there would be a large crowd. The Chi Sox were in town, AJ Burnett was pitching and it was Cito Gaston bobblehead day.

As soon as I entered the stadium I saw a couple Jays tossing around by the left field baseline. I quickly ran down and saw that it was Downs and Tallet. I knew I could get a ball because Downs always seems to toss me a ball. In the 2 times I've seen him toss around he's given me the ball. Soon Chacin and Rosario were tossing as well and I decided to stand behind them and hopefully get a ball from Chacin. The pitchers stopped tossing and I yelled at Downs and sure enough I got a ball. As for Chacin he kept his ball.

Then I ran up to the dugout and tried to ask Jays pitching coach Arnsberg, but he didn't toss anything. Seeming desperate for another ball I scanned the field and saw Man Soo Lee and another Sox player. As I was running down I saw Chacin signing autos. I took full advantage of it and got a Chacin auto on the sweet spot on my ball, but I forgot to get my Chacin card signed. DAMN!

As I cleared the mob of people trying to get Chacin auto I ran to Man Soo Lee, but he was more busy dancing with Jon Garland than tossing out balls. He did toss a couple balls out but none to me. As for Jon Garland I got his auto on another ball. He must have signed a hundred autos as he signed the entire baseline comming into the dugout. Pretty nice guy.

And that was it for my snagging. I just got one ball, missed catching a softball in the homerun derby and got 2 autos from the "cursed" Chacin and Garland, but I missed Accardo signing and Marcum. In all it was a great game, the Jays ended their losing streak taking the game 7-3 and I got to sit behind the dugout for the end of the game.

8 games with at least 1 ball
14 balls in 8 games = 1.75 balls per game
2 autos
Competition Factor: 36,453


At 11:09 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Good stuff! At least you didn't get shut out. No surprise that Chacin held onto his ball. What a dipshit. Good luck at your next game.

a.k.a. The Baseball Collector

At 3:49 PM, Blogger Alistair said...

Lol looks like you really hate Chacin. I'm always happy to get at least 1 ball, I can't imagine how you can get 13! I'm probably gonna try my luck vs the Royals in about 2 weeks hope I can beat my season high of 3 balls.

At 9:00 PM, Blogger kaylee said...

hey fenway pics coming soon!
couldnt blog i was grounded


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