Saturday, September 02, 2006

Jays vs Royals Game

Okay well its been a really long time since the last game so here's what happened.

Comming to the Stadium and lining up at the gates I looked around and saw a large crowd, usually I'd be scared about this because BP would be busy, but it was Pride Day and I knew It would be easy to snag balls. Going in I wanted to get 6 balls to reach 20 on the year, and it was close.

As soon as I ran into the stadium a ball went towards the foul line but I thought someone would pick it up right away, but it stayed there long enough for my friend to reel it in with his horn. I then saw another ball by the foul line and called out to Andrew Sisco for it, he said one sec and started jogging, a bit later a security guard picked it up and fired it in. Damn! I was mad cause I knew Tom the security guard cost me a ball, but then comes Andrew Sisco with a shiney new ball and tosses it to me. Ball #1

A minute later a ball sliced right at me and some other people. I was the furthest from it, but that wouldn't stop me for getting it. I lunged across the baseline wall sprawled across and didn't feel anything in my glove, but after closer inspection I saw that I just sno-coned the ball. Ball #2

Ball #3 was easy I was the only one who knew the Royals names so I just called out to Todd Wellemyer and he tossed one my way.

Ball #4 Came to me from Jimmy Gobble after he told me to give a ball to a little kid earlier.

Andrew Sisco stretching -------->

BP ended and I was at 18 on the year, but I set a new record in one day so I was happy, but I wanted more. After the game I yelled out to Overbay for a ball he tossed it slowly, but it hit an usher and rolled on the dugout and my friend got it, soon after Bengie Molina tossed one up to some kids it bounced off them and right to me. Sweet! 5 balls in game one 19 on the year o yea!

Game 2

It was gun play no way day and if you had a toy gun you would get 2 tickets in the upper level so I was expecting more people during the game, but hopefull not during BP. As soon as the Royals took BP Joe Nelson grabbed a handful of ball and was handing them out to his teammates to warm up. "hey Joe can I have a ball" I asked, he just turned around and said "I have to play catch first ok?" Sweet I'm already going to get a ball I thought and it was going to be #20. Until Nelson was done warming up I positioned myself behind Jimmy Gobble as he was tossing around hoping to get another from him. But as soon as I moved there Nelson picked up a foul ball and tossed it my way. Ball #1 and #20 on the year.

As I was walking back to Gobble a foul ball flew 6 rows behind me, bounced back, got fumbled by a girl and right behind me where I jumped a seat and grabbed it. Ball #2. Gobble was done tossing but threw it to a kid. Speaking of kids, there were so many of them in Right field basline section and I had to get out of there, so I did. I headed to right center field and got denied by Jorge De La Rosa, Jimmy Gobble, Odalis Perez several times and by Scott Dohmann. I headed more towards center and saw Andrew Sisco. I didn't even have to say anything, just raised up
my empty glove and a ball flew into it. Ball #3 and that was it for that game. It wasn't a clean sweep in terms of balls, but it was 2 good days.

22 balls in 10 games
2.2 balls per game
10 straight games with at least 1 ball
2 straight games with at least 2 balls.


At 5:07 PM, Blogger kaylee said...

Nice posts!Are you jays given up they are even letting my sox beat them!


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